About Us

What sets Nelspruit Lodge

apart from other lodges?

Our rooms are built in 5 separate buildings. This makes them secure and our easy access parking a breeze.
Each block has its own personality and a private veranda on which to relax after a long day.

About  our Facilities 

This double storey building is at the heart of Nelspruit Lodge. Built in 2006, it was the building that started it all. Designed to be spacious, guests have a variety of different types of room, each with unique décor, to choose from.

It offers 22 affordable, budget rooms with a great view of the main road. Rooms include the popular 3-sleeper option, which it is an open plan room that consists of a double bed and a ¾ bed and an en-suite bathroom with a shower.

It is spacious enough for a comfortable stay for 3. This building is great for hosting big groups as the private exit makes it very easy for busses to gain access or exit the property.

360 View Standard Twin Room>

With 22 Standard or Family rooms to choose from, guests will be more than comfortable when staying here. The Standard Room selection allows guests the choice of 1 double bed or two ¾ beds along with an en-suite bathroom with a shower.

Various types of open plan family rooms are available, and each can host up to 4 people per room. These rooms have both a shower and a bath. This block facilitates the Reception area, which gives guests access to free coffee and tea at any hour of the day or night.

An ATM is available and alongside it a wall that features a map of the Lowveld and all the must-see places. Friendly staff can offer you tourism pamphlets or taxi service to where ever you would like to go and explore!

360 View 3 Sleeper Rooms >

Consisting of 8 Executive Rooms and 2 Family Rooms, this building is great for a business rep or a small group enjoying a family occasion.

The Executive Room features a Queen Bed and the bathroom has both a jet bath or a shower. The Family Rooms include a Queen Bed with 2 bunk beds in a separate room and a communal bathroom.

Please ask our reception staff for a bar fridge to make your stay more comfortable.

360 View Executive Room>

Opened in March 2019, this block has our Presidential Suites. Perfect for the business rep or couple who needs some quiet relaxation after a long day while these rooms are also perfect for a weekend getaway. This block is eco-friendly with a Solar Panel Geyser system in place.

There is a private swimming pool available in the middle of the block. In addition, to make your stay more comfortable, these rooms are equipped with a hairdryer, kitchenette, luxurious shower and spa bath and a sleeper couch, as well as a host of lodge amenities.

The kitchenette includes basic cooking equipment such as an induction stove plate, toaster, microwave and fridge.

360 View Presidential Suite >

Built in 2017 and opened in January 2018, this block consists of 10 self-catering units and offers a lot more privacy than any of the other buildings on our premises with its own private exit.

It also has a swimming pool in the centre of the building and eco-friendly solar geysers.

These rooms are designed for the comfort of the client and each room has block out curtains to provide guests with the ultimate stay.

360 View Self-Catering Unit >


When staying with us, your safety is our top priority.

Our parking is designed for your convenience. Each block has its secure own parking bay located as close as possible to your room. We also have electric fence around our premises that sounds an alarm should something touch it.

You will notice that Nelspruit Lodge only has one entrance gate but four 4 exit gates. This is for safety reasons. We also have 24-hour armed response available and 2 trained security guard on site to assist with any disruptions. We recently installed a state-of-the-art smoke detection system in all our rooms for your safety.

Please refrain from smoking in our rooms as the alarm system will go off.

In case of a fire, please stay calm and follow the evacuation plan behind your door. Our trained staff will be of assistance until officials arrive.

Crime is unfortunately a reality all around the world. We would like to provide a few tips when travelling in our beautiful country, for your personal safety:

  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Keep certified photo copies of valuable documents in a safe place
  • Should you lose your passport, please report it to your country’s embassy and at our local Police Station as soon as possible
  • Always remain alert, especially in noisy, crowded areas
  • Do not resist if confronted by aggressive persons
  • Do not walk alone at night
  • Do not draw any unnecessary attention to valuables or money
  • Do not accept lifts from strangers
  • Do not pick up hitchhikers
    Always lock your hotel room

To keep your vehicle safe:

  • Activate your tracking system and alarm when parked
  • Never leave valuables in plain view, even if your car is locked
  • Carry your driver’s licence, registration and insurance papers with you. Do not leave documents or credit cards in your vehicle
  • Park in well-lit areas

Nelspruit lodge offers 3 swimming pools.

The following safety rules apply

  • No unsupervised children allowed
  • No glass containers or alcoholic drinks at the swimming pool areas
  • No diving in the pools
  • No eating, drinking or smoking in the pools

Nelspruit Lodge will not be held responsible for any loss or damage.

Message from our Owner & Personnel

Thank you for choosing Nelspruit Lodge as your preferred accommodation during your stay in Nelspruit. We are delighted to accommodate you.

In 2006, when Hendrik Kruger, the owner, was trying to find a place to stay while in a little town, he noticed that most options were either extremely expensive and offering limited facilities or the available accommodation and its facilities were too basic for comfort. Just like a typical entrepreneur, he spent the night calculating income, cost and expenses and the next morning when he returned home, he said “We are going to open a hotel. Not just any hotel. A hotel to fit anyone’s budget without compromising quality of stay!”

That is how Nelspruit Lodge, The Place to Stay, started its journey to becoming one of the best hotels in town. We began with only 20 rooms, now called Block A, and soon developed Block B, C, D and E, over a 12-year period. Each block has its own unique character and each is priced differently, to give everyone an option. It was very important, for the owner, to incorporate open architectural designs, to avoid having enclosed corridors that will make you feel trapped. With the wide open spaces of the Lowveld all around, guests staying with us will enjoy a real sense of nature and can enjoy the scenery from all over the lodge, either by walking out of their front door or by gazing out of the windows of their rooms.

We strive to be the best hotel in Nelspruit by doing everything we can to accommodate our guests. We are always open for any feedback from you, whether it is positive or negative. We take your feedback very seriously, and we cordially request all guests to leave us a review on any of our social media platforms or on TripAdvisor.

Alternatively, any complaints can be shared online via our survey, written in our complaint book or reported to our reception staff. Immediate attention will be given by a manager or directly by the owner.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us, and that we’ll see you again soon!

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