There is one aspect of running a lodge that cannot ever be skimped over or not taken seriously, and that is hygiene.

We have an immaculately clean lodge with a wide selection of rooms that are thoroughly and regularly given the complete once over.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have become even more dedicated to ensuring that our hygiene practices remain as thorough as possible, and by introducing new measures.

And there are quite a few things that you can do to, in order to make sure that you stay safe and healthy during these strange and uncertain times.

Healthy Hygiene Habits to Adopt

According to one of the world’s leading travel brains, Fodors, these are some of the most useful things you can do to improve your hygiene habits while you are travelling.

  1. Use alcohol based wet wipes. These can be used for all sorts of things, like wiping down light switches, remote controls, door handles, phones, and anything else that you think has perhaps not recently been given a clean.
  2. Have a look at the bathroom. Although most reputable hotels and lodges (those that have been given a great number of excellent reviews) will have scrubbed their bathrooms, it doesn’t hurt to give the bathroom a closer look when you enter your room.
  3. Check your duvet. If it looks like it has been used, or if you think that it is not clean, you can always request a new one. Don’t be shy to ask.
  4. Bring along your own slippers. Regardless of what type of flooring the room has, you should always have your own slippers which you can wrap up in a bag when you are headed home, so that they don’t spread any germs that they might have picked up along the way.
  5. Wash the glasses. Any glasses in your room, and let’s be honest, most accommodation, whether it is in Nelspruit or Paris, will have a drinking glass or two, should be rinsed with soapy water before you use them.

Nelspruit Lodge is taking COVID-19 seriously and as such we have implemented a whole lot of new safety measures to make sure that our guests stay healthy while with us.

We are open to the public as we are recognised by the appropriate authorities as an essential service. And in line with the rules and regulations laid out for companies to operate in the current climate, we have the following measures in place:

  • Screening upon check in
  • A COVID-19 Combatter Sanitizer which you can walk through and become thoroughly sanitised.
  • Sanitizer at every door and entrance, for guests to use.
  • Self-catering units for those guests who are not keen on sharing a dining space.
  • Sanitized taxi services for those guests who require transport.

All of our staff lookout for guests as well as one another and are screened on a daily basis for the symptoms of COVID-19.  Rooms are also sanitized on a daily basis to ensure that they are free of potential pathogens.

We are committed to providing you with a safe stay. Book your self-catering room today.

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