A beautiful new year is here and if you are looking at travelling to Nelspruit this year there are plenty of excellent lodges to book your stay in. Inspired by nature and the absolutely beautiful Lowveld scenery, many of the best lodges in the area are open, airy, and utterly peaceful. When you are booking your stay, it always helps to do a little research to find out more about what each has to offer you and on our list, we are sharing the 5 best lodges in Nelspruit, in no particular order.

What determines whether or not a lodge should be listed up there with the best, you have to take a number of different things into consideration.

Firstly, the lodge needs to be in a location that makes it convenient for the type of traveller that they are trying to attract. In Nelspruit, there are plenty of lodges in the town and there are also plenty out of town, so whether you are a business traveller or if you are in town on a short break, you have loads of options available.

Secondly, the lodge needs to offer guests a certain kind of experience. The rooms need to be nothing less than absolutely clean, comfortable and spacious. This sort of information is usually gained from reading online reviews, rather than reading what the lodge has to say about itself.

The 5 Best Lodges in Nelspruit

  1. Tomjachu Bush Retreat

Just outside of Nelspruit, set in a really wild environment, Tomjachu is not just a fantastic place to stay in 2023, but it is also a great place to get outdoors and take part in some fun activities such as hiking and going for a picnic. The lodge grounds are home to all sorts of animals, and waking up to wildlife close to your bedroom window is an experience like no other.

  1. Nelspruit Lodge

One of the most prominent lodges in Nelspruit, at Nelspruit Lodge people can look forward to a peaceful stay in the heart of the town. The lodge is within walking distance of various shops and fashionable restaurants, and on the property guests can enjoy the beautiful grounds and take a refreshing dip in the lodge pool.

  1. Shandon Lodge and Guesthouse

If you want to stay outside of the town, this is another great place to have a holiday. With its Mediterranean feel and its stunning rooms, at Shandon Lodge and Guesthouse guests are treated to a memorable stay, with views that they will dream about forever.

  1. eBundu Lodge

Halfway to the town of White River sits eBundu Lodge. This lodge has been in the area for many years and along with offering great accommodation, the lodge is also famous for its Sunday lunches and for being a wedding venue.

  1. Oliver’s

Also White River way, Oliver’s is an upmarket lodge close to the luxurious White River Country Estate. Here guests stay in cosy, comfortable rooms, looking out over the pristine natural surroundings, and dine in style at the lodge restaurant, or at one of the nearby popular places to eat.

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