The year is coming to a close and the festive mood is in full swing all throughout the town of Nelspruit. Being the gateway to the Lowveld, our town is a top destination for those heading off for their annual December break, with many staying here at our Nelspruit accommodation over the Christmas period.

Having a large and delicious Christmas day lunch is the norm for most South Africans and organising such a fest not only requires going on a bit of a shopping spree but also needs a lot of planning and a good location. This means if you are staying in self-catering accommodation in Nelspruit, organising such an event is not always feasible. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives to having to prepare your dinner.

Nelspruit, and its nearby surrounding areas, are home to all sorts of restaurants which cater to all sorts of tastes. Whether you are looking forward to a delicious and indulgent 3 course meal or if you want something a little more casual, you will be able to find it if you know where to look.

From buffet style restaurants and fancy restaurants to more relaxed settings, Nelspruit has it all this year. When staying at our Nelspruit accommodation over the festive season, here are some of the places you can settle down for an unforgettable meal.

  1. The Kingfisher’s Country Kitchen and Traditional Smokehouse

Kingfisher’s is set in a stunning location, right next to a picturesque stream and one of the town’s favourite garden nurseries. Although it has only been around for a while, the restaurant has become an incredibly popular place among locals, with its all you can eat specials and it’s recently launched cocktail bar. The restaurant has both outside seating and the more intimate indoor dining, and this year it will be serving up a delicious lunch.

  1. Que’s Café

It is the café hidden in a cosy corner in the Sonpark area, and although they are not serving a Christmas lunch they are doing Christmas Eve platters, which are just perfect for those who are staying in self-accommodation in the town as well as those who are not keen on sitting at a restaurant. If you are keen on ordering a platter, do so by the 21st of December.

  1. Khayalami Hotel

A buffet lunch complete with live music and entertainment for the children, if this sounds more like your sort of thing, then Khayalami Hotel is the place for you. On December 25th they will be serving a vast Christmas menu with all of the favourites.

  1. Magnolia Restaurant

In the village of White River, at Magnolia Restaurant which is in Casterbridge, you can experience a bit of an upmarket sort of Christmas feast. Also served in a buffet style, there is much to be looked forward to if this is the place you want to spend your day. This restaurant is popular with the locals and travellers alike, and so it is important that you book ahead so as not to miss out.

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