Think you know everything about the town that thrives in a green mountain valley? Think again! Nelspruit is one of the fastest growing cities in South Africa, and the population who call the city home is on the rise. But it is not only the city that grows but also the number of tourists and business people, like you, who visit each year.

Nelspruit is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful towns in the country and those who visit often fall in love with the scenery, the people, and the weather.

But before you come to the town and stay in our comfortable Nelspruit accommodation, read these fun facts:

  • We’re an old town
    But we’re certainly not the oldest in the area. In fact, we also don’t have the most fascinating history. At one point, Barberton was the most important town in the area, and its growth was, and in some ways still is, driven by the mining industry which boomed when gold was discovered. At that time, Nelspruit was simply the town in which traveller’s restocked supplies while passing through the Lowveld.
  • We have a vibrant night life
    And no, we’re not talking about the music scene or the restaurants, we’re talking about insects. At night, the sounds of cicadas and crickets fill the air, flying ants take to the skies just as the sunsets, and annoying mosquitos will keep you awake if you don’t take the right safety precautions. The best way to unwind in the evenings is to sit outside in the breeze and just listen to all the sounds.
  • We have interesting…drivers
    When driving yourself around town, you need to drive for everyone, not just for yourself. Sadly, we have some drivers who seem to be colour blind, especially when the robots are red. It’s best to stick to the speed limits, wait a little before crossing an intersection (even if you have a green light), and in general, just keep an eye out!
  • We have the best weather
    Hot, humid summers perfect for being lazy by the pool or dam, impressive thunderstorms that light up the night sky and bring relief to the heat, mild winters with no frost or snow, and just about no in between seasons. This is what you can expect when visiting Nelspruit. We have plenty of sunny days and even when they get too hot, we’ll gladly take them.
  • We stay true to our small town ways
    Life is pretty laidback in Nelspruit, when compared to places like Johannesburg and Pretoria. We enjoy a slow vibe and although we have many places to go shopping, we have double the amount of exciting outdoor activities.
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