Sometimes, it is worth visiting a town just to eat at one of its more popular restaurants, cafes or coffee shops. Nelspruit might not be the biggest city you will visit while on your travels, but it sure has more than its share of fantastic places to enjoy truly delectable food.

When staying at Nelspruit Lodge, our central location means that there are countless fantastic places to eat just around the corner. Our Nelspruit accommodation also has an on-site dining facility, but we encourage you to try out some of the great places to eat in Nelspruit, while you are in the city. And to help you find the perfect eatery, here is our list of the best places, offering both fine dining as well as quick bites.


Given the location of Nelspruit Lodge, Kuzuri is a must. They have only recently relocated into the area and they bring with them a fabulous, affordable menu. We are within walking distance of the popular Sonpark Centre which comes alive at night. This area is a hub of social activity. However, Kuzuri is more of a breakfast and lunch restaurant. The prices are very affordable and the myriad of food choices will not disappoint. This is a fine dining meets casual restaurant and its outdoor eating area is fantastic.

Check out their website to find out more:

Kombu Sushi and Oyster Bar

If you love your sushi, you will that Kombu provides a deliciously diverse sushi selection. Kombu can be found at the bustling Crossing Centre, and the ambience is enough to make this a memorable place to eat. With the low lighting and private booths, you can enjoy a meal on your own, host a business dinner or have a romantic night out. Kombu has a lot to offer.

Kombu does not have a website but you can give them a call on 013 752 2721

The Jock Pub and Grill

A completely relaxed, family-friendly environment, The Jock Pub and Grill is not only really affordable but the menu is really diverse and the food is always fresh. Weeknights are quite calm and easy going, while Friday and Saturday nights are generally party nights. They are open from early in the morning to late into the evenings, making it a fantastic place to stop for lunch.

Check out their menu by having a look at their website

Cicada Restaurant and Craft Bar

Looking for a classier affair? Cicada might just have everything you are looking for. Cicada is well known for its cocktails as well as its sushi menu. There are many other meals to choose on the menu and while tucking into your meal you can gaze over the busy city. Cicada is also just around the corner from Nelspruit Lodge, within the Sonpark Centre.

Again, they don’t have a website, but you can contact them on 013 741 1751.

Nelspruit eateries offer something for everyone. If you are looking for a place to eat, simply ask our reception desk for a list of other recommendations.

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