A small town, nestled in the mountains, well away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Sabie is the place to escape to.

Nelspruit accommodation is generally preferable because it means you get to stay in the perfect central location from which you can visit all of the surrounding towns and interesting areas. Sabie is one of those small towns you have to visit! Sabie is a forestry town about 40km away from Nelspruit. The drive itself is quite an experience all on its own. Either route you choose to take will present the most stunning landscapes filled with forests and mountains. During the winter months, the mountain route might not be the best of ideas, as the mist is thick and creates a danger for motorists. Once you enter the town, you will experience two things: a laid back atmosphere, and depending on when you visit, a town filled with bikers! Because of the stunning roads that make up the Panorama Route, this part of the world is a biker’s paradise and it lures both local bikers and those looking for a weekend escape from Pretoria and Johannesburg.

How to get the most out of your visit

Sabie is a great place to go for lunch but it is also the perfect place to go exploring. The region is well known for its hiking trails and numerous waterfalls.

Stay for the day

You can accomplish a lot in one day. Heading to the town in the early morning will give you enough time to do some hiking, see a few waterfalls and then treat yourself to a late lunch at one of the many eateries before returning to your Nelspruit accommodation. The Woodsman and the Sabie Brewing Company both offer affordable delicious meals and great company. You can also explore the second hand bookshop and fill your bag with a few local curios.

Stay for more than a day

If you are an outdoorsy kind of person, you couldn’t ask for a better place to go exploring. There is a Sabie Waterfall Route that you can follow. It includes a combination of driving and hiking to get you to the various locations, so packing comfortable shoes, drinks and a snack is a must. If you are going to be visiting the waterfalls, you should pack something warm. Even in the middle of summer, the shaded waterfalls beneath a thick canopy of trees can drastically lower the summer temperatures. Now is also a good time to mention that the temperatures of Nelspruit and Sabie differ quite drastically. With Sabie being a mountain town, the humidity that Nelspruit experiences during the summer is virtually non-existent. Some of the must see waterfalls include the Sabie Falls, the Lone Creek Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls, and the Horseshoe Falls.

Nelspruit Lodge offers some of the finest accommodation in Nelspruit. Plan your stay with us and include a trip to Sabie.

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