Visiting Nelspruit presents a whole lot of opportunities to immerse yourself in nature and get outdoors. Hiking, picnics and safaris are all just a short drive away. The reason why most holidaymakers head to Nelspruit is to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. But as an ever-growing city, we have some great indoor entertainment that you can indulge in.

We’re not well known for our malls and shopping centres. However, some recent new additions to the city have meant there is more to do here than hiking and safaris trips. In the past, our shopping malls have been just a convenient place to get your shopping done, but with Ilanga Mall’s recent revamp, there is a new reason to head to Nelspruit.

Ilanga Mall is located on the N4, just on the outskirts of our ever-expanding town.  Ilanga Mall had it all and is still one of the best places to enjoy some good shopping, and some great food at one of its many eateries. After a day of hiking or after spending your time on a safari, coming to the mall in the evening and tucking into a meal is one of the best ways to end the day.

The open piazza style eating area brings all types of culinary tastes to one place. From relaxed dining to the more formal affair, with the variety of places to eat here, you are never without a choice. The mall also offers outdoor dining with great views of the busy city road as well as the distant mountains.

For the past few years, it has become the go-to shopping centre, but it lacked in the entertainment department.

But now with its recent expansion, the mall is the perfect indoor playground!

If the great outdoors doesn’t quite do it for you and you are rather in the mood for something else, you should consider some of the latest activities on offer at Ilanga. It is the only place in town where you can watch a movie, in great comfort and style, enjoy some gaming at the Fun Company and then try your luck at ice skating. You can have hours of entertainment while here and add some versatility to your holiday.

Nelspruit has become the perfect place to enjoy the best of both worlds. Your holiday planning can include trips to the nearby historical towns and you should spend some time in the Kruger Park. But once you’ve had your fill, you can include ice skating and a movie on those days when you don’t feel like adventuring!

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