Up high in the misty mountains, just a 30-minute drive from Nelspruit, is the old village of Kaapsehoop. It is the ideal place to spend the day if you are looking to escape the city and get outdoors, and with all of the hiking trails and outdoor activities, you’ll find that Kaapsehoop has plenty to offer.

Kaapsehoop attracts all types of people, from creative and eccentric people looking for a haven of solitude to those who love the outdoors and just want to escape for a weekend. And the beautiful thing about Kaapsehoop is that there really is something for everyone.

Things To Do In And Around Kaapsehoop

This quiet mountain village is the perfect place to spend the day or even just an afternoon. Winters spent by the fireplace in a cosy pub, or summers spent exploring the hiking trails and watching distant storm clouds gather are just a few of the things that locals love to do. Other attractions include a visit to the numerous waterfalls found in between the forest tracks, viewing the wild horses as they come into the village for a snack, or simply walking right out to the escarpment and looking down onto the ancient De Kaap Valley.

Horseback riding, for both pros and amateurs, is another very popular past time and a wonderful way to see the surrounding nature. The Kaapsehoop Horse Trails is a famous company offering just such adventures! Recently Scooter Tours opened shop in the area, giving guests to the village an alternative way to get around. They are ideal for the whole family and their tours take you through the most beautiful surrounding areas.

About Kaapsehoop

Kaapsehoop was originally a mining town. But unlike its compatriot villages, this mining town did not explode into a bustling town. It remained the size that it is today, while nearby mining towns such as Barberton continued to grow.

The village that was once known as the “Duiwel’s Kantoor” was founded in the early 1880’s when gold was discovered in the small stream which runs through the village. Much of the plans to build a town was put aside in favour of digging for gold. But with bigger gold veins being discovered at Pilgrim’s Rest and Barberton in earlier years, and later with gold being found on the Witwatersrand, prospectors turned their attention to towns offering more wealth opportunities and interest in Kaapsehoop declined.

However, unlike other former gold mining areas, Kaapsehoop did not become a ghost town. Instead, it remained a small village and today it allows us to enjoy a break away from city life.

When visiting Nelspruit, a trip up to Kaapsehoop is a must. The short drive up the mountains, into that crisp air, is the perfect recipe for a revived mind. Because the climate up there is quite chilly, many prefer to leave the village before dark and spend their evenings at accommodation in Nelspruit, such as Nelspruit Lodge.

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