Whether you are living on the road or if you are only an occasional business traveller, having accommodation that is suited to your needs is a must. And when selecting your Nelspruit accommodation, you need to make sure that you are staying in the right place. At Nelspruit Lodge, we have become one of our city’s top business accommodation facilities. We cater to business people of all types, ensuring that they have everything they need in order to have a successful time while in the city. Given our experience when it comes to accommodating guests, we have identified the 6 most common features that every business person should look for.

  1. Location To get to meetings on time or to be on the project site when you are needed, you need to book your accommodation according to the location. Centrally located accommodation is vital because it makes it easier for you to get around, especially if you are staying in a town that you are not familiar with.When you are in a good location, you won’t have to travel very far to get to where you are needed and you will also be closer to certain amenities like restaurants and shops.
  1. An Office away from your Office Business travellers still need a place to work and since you are already booking accommodation, why not make sure that the place you are staying in also has what you need in order to turn it into an office. While you are looking for the perfect business accommodation in Nelspruit, make sure that you have access to a landline and to Wi-Fi, or internet of some kind.
  1. Affordable Costs Business travellers will generally be travelling on a budget. When selecting your accommodation make sure that you have taken price into account. But don’t just choose the cheapest accommodation that you can find.Make sure that the price you are paying out for accommodation is worth it in terms of what you will be getting out of it.There is no point going for cheap accommodation only for it to end up having no web connections, a lumpy mattress and ice cold food! Scout out your accommodation and what the price includes well before you make your booking.
  1. Bed and Breakfast Or bed, breakfast and dinner. When you are selecting your accommodation, having a meal or two included in the price can make your stay a more pleasant one. Having breakfasts and dinners, and also certain conveniences like coffee close at hand, means you won’t be running around looking for food when you are in a hurry to be somewhere else.
  2. Laundry Service Depending on how long you are going to be in town on business, at some point you are going to need fresh, clean clothes. Make sure that the accommodation you choose either has on site laundry services or a nearby Laundromat, where you can drop off your clothing in the morning and collecting it again in the afternoon.
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