Given the events of the past year and the accompanying upset of the tourism industry, the small towns around Nelspruit can really do with a few more visitors this year. Using Nelspruit Lodge and our stunning accommodation in Nelspruit as your starting point, and as the place to return to after a fun day of exploring, here are our 5 Must Visit Scenic Towns.

  1. Sabie
    Winter is here in full force, and the small town of Sabie takes on a whole new character at this time of the year. As the winter cold descends and the mists settle, sometimes staying throughout the colder days, there is no better place to embrace the season and enjoy every moment of it.In the winter months, Sabie is every outdoor adventurer’s ultimate destination. The leaves are falling and crackle underfoot as you explore the various hiking trails, some of which go through forests and pass waterfalls.Sabie is also the best place for a bit of winter fishing.
  1. Pilgrim’s Rest
    Since this ancient gold mining town is a bit out of the way, and has in recent years suffered a few setbacks, tourists sometimes miss out on a visit here. But Pilgrim’s Rest is full of amazing things to do as well as places to see.The local cemetery is one such place that you should take a walk around and there are also a few hiking trails to take a walk on.When you are in the town, make sure to drop in at the Royal Hotel. This 127 year old place is in dire need of visitors and even if you just stop here for a bite to eat, you will be helping the 55 employees to hold onto their jobs as they fight to keep the doors open.
  1. Barberton
    Another gold mining town, Barberton is not at all on the tourist trail but it really deserves to be. A visit here should be spent exploring the mountains, which you can visit as a part of a 4×4 tour or they can be explored on foot, a journey that is far more rewarding.There are many museums to visit, and many of them have been remodelled to represent how the houses looked when they were still lived in over 100 years ago.
  1. Dullstroom
    It might not exactly be a part of the Lowveld, and it is a bit of drive from Nelspruit, but a visit here can still quite easily be done within a day.Dullstroom went from being a small, unassuming village which used to only be attractive to those visiting the town for a spot of fly fishing, to one of the most popular weekend getaway destinations. If you are travelling to Nelspruit from Johannesburg, a stop at Dullstroom is both easy and a must, since it is literally along the way.
  2. White River
    It is the town that went from being just another small town, to being one of the most exciting places to visit. White River is seemingly two towns. One part of it is the old town that is still the business hub, while the other part of it is a beautiful, bustling, tourist driven area.Most who visit Nelspruit, with the goal of paying a visit to the Kruger National Park, will pass through White River to get there. While passing through, stopping at one or two local shops or having lunch at one of the up and coming local restaurants is a must.
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