Just because you are on holiday does not mean that it is time to throw your manners away. When you are staying in a hotel, there are some things that you should do, and there are plenty of things that you should avoid doing, in order to make your stay, and the stay of your fellow guests as pleasant as possible.

Nelspruit Lodge is a stunning place to escape for a holiday. Whether you choose our accommodation in Nelspruit for your quick weekend getaway, or if you are planning on spending your yearly family holiday with us, you are making a great decision. Not only is your time spent with us relaxing and super comfortable, but we also ensure privacy when you choose to stay with us.

Whether it is your first time at a lodge in Nelspruit or the 50th, when you stay in such accommodation it is important to have some kind of lodge etiquette in mind. These are just 5 things that you should do when you are staying in a hotel.

  1. Keep the noise down
    Even when you are staying in a hotel that promises peace and privacy, you are technically still sharing a space. With this in mind, you can imagine how unpleasant it can be for other guests if you are up late making a noise, or if you are up before the crack of dawn and kicking up a storm. While there might be some cases when you can’t control the noise you make (think about travelling with excited children and babies), you should always consider just how much noise you make when staying at a hotel.
  1. Be kind to staff
    The staff at a hotel play a very special role in making sure that your stay is peaceful and pleasant. So it simply doesn’t do to be rude to hotel staff, no matter how frustrated you might be feeling. Even if you have a complaint, you should be sure to handle it in a polite and professional manner.
  1. Respect the hotel property
    Every part of the hotel, from the telephones to the bedding, is hotel property that you should never damage. You should always treat whatever is in the hotel room as though it is your own which means being very careful with whatever you use. Remember, if you damage property, you could end up literally paying for it.
  1. Hang up towels
    Often towels will be replaced on a daily basis, but this is really unnecessary if you make sure that you hang up the towels after each use so that they can dry out. When you choose to hang up your towels each day, you also won’t be wasting energy, which can then make your stay more eco-friendly.
  2. Check in and out at the right time
    You should never rush the hotel staff to check you in early and you should never check out late either. When you try to check in early or if you check out late, you will be making the life of the hotel staff more difficult than it would otherwise need to be.
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