A lot of our visitors ask us about Nelspruit’s nightlight. It’s only natural that when visiting a new town, or revisiting it for that matter, that you will want to spend at least one night out on the town!

Now, Nelspruit has never been overly well known for having much of an exciting nightlife. In fact, many a young person would describe the town as quite dull. But we disagree. There is plenty to do in the evenings when in Nelspruit and the surrounding areas, especially if you are a foodie.

So, to help you guide yourself around our ever growing little city, we are going to share some of the best places to spend an evening out.

  1. Picasso’s
    Okay, so it’s not in Nelspruit. It’s a 25 minute drive away in the chic town of White River, just up the mountain in the cooler, fresh air. But Picasso’s is an amazing place to spend your evening. The vibe is jumping, the people are friendly and the food is Mexican. What more could you ask for? Picasso’s has been able to perfectly balance that city feeling with the laidback Lowveld atmosphere to create a relaxed eatery that is unique to our part of the world. The menu is flavourful and affordable, making it the perfect place to relax and grab a spicy bite.

3. Gumtreez
While in White River, let’s stay there for a bit. Just across the road from Picasso’s, you’ll find Gumtreez. Aptly named after the stunning Blue Gum Trees that sway in the breeze, sheltering the outdoor dining area, this eatery is more of a bar than a restaurant but the food is to die for. Instead of visiting in the evening, it might be best to pop in on a Saturday afternoon, and just soak up that quiet, relaxed feeling you’ll enjoy the moment you walk in.

4. Kuzuri
Just down the road from Nelspruit Lodge lies the upmarket, fashionable restaurant Kuzuri. Known for its stylish ambience and exciting menu, Kuzuri has been a favourite among many a local diner looking for a more formal and romantic atmosphere. It’s literally a walk away although we suggest driving as you’ll be so full of good food, walking back won’t sound like such a romantic option!

5. The Jock
This pub and grill will come up time and again on all sorts of lists. It is a much-loved Lowveld favourite and its location, as well as its chilled vibe, makes it incredibly popular among both young and old locals. The menu here is hearty and you can never think that they are anything but over generous with their portions. It’s a great place to treat yourself to lunch while at night it’s the best place to have a drink.

We might not be the biggest city in the country, but we know how to entertain…and how to prepare some amazing food.

And after all of your adventuring, you can retire to the comfort of your Nelspruit accommodation and unwind.

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