One of the most iconic landmarks of Nelspruit is about to be given a fresh new look in the hope that it can be turned into an alluring tourist attraction.

Anyone living in the city, or who has passed through a few times, is quite familiar with the Eye of Nelspruit. It is an eye catching sight (pardon the pun), and in the past it has been a popular spot for rebellious teenagers and creative photographers who are looking for a unique sight.

Situated on top of a koppie, overlooking a sprawling city that is constantly on the move, the Eye of Nelspruit is set to become the place to be, offering both tourists and locals a real, exciting experience.

The Nelspruit Local Tourism Organisation is in charge of the project and is not only negotiating the new look of the attraction but they are also in talks with the council to improve the security set up around the attraction. It is no secret that the area has become notorious over the years for criminal behaviour, but all of that is set to change in the coming months.

Not only is there talk of a camera being set up to improve security, but a regular guard and better security fencing is also in the works.

The Nelspruit Local Tourism Organisation has also stated that they intend to create a visitors book for those visiting to leave a record of their details.

In its current state the attraction is not in the best of conditions and when the time comes  to give it a makeover, the attraction will be given a fresh coat of paint, more safety features so that it can be safely climbed, and a place to take selfies.

The attraction is also going to become an educational feature, as information tables will be set up around the safety rails. These information tables will point out the city’s features which can be viewed from Eye.

The actual eye won’t be the only attraction as there is also plans to have a hiking trail to be set up. The hiking trail will be the perfect place to get outdoors and enjoy a little downtime out in nature.

Ablution facilities and gardens around the Eye will also be set up, making it a must visit place for those who’d like to see a different side of our amazing town.


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