Not all who visit Nelspruit know exactly what our exciting little city has to offer or why it is firmly on the business map. For many years, Nelspruit was a small, mostly tourist focused town but in recent years, with the many new developments and city wide growth, we are more than the place in which people restock their vehicles when on the road to the Kruger or Mozambique.

Once you’ve planned your trip and booked your Nelspruit accommodation, you might find that there are a few blank spaces in your knowledge of the town that you’d quite like to fill. With this in mind, we have a list of a few of the frequently asked questions that you might find helpful.

  1. What is Nelspruit known for?
    Today, the town of Nelspruit is a business hub in the Lowveld. Nelspruit is best known for being the capital of Mpumalanga. It has a rich and interesting history, while the town itself was founded in 1905, there is plenty of history that predates the buildings which sprung up to form the town we have. The town was named after the Nel Brothers who would bring their cattle to the area during the winter.
  1. How far is Pretoria from Nelspruit?
    For those city slickers heading to our town on business, or for pleasure, knowing the distance will help with planning. Depending on traffic and weather conditions, it can take roughly 3 hours to drive the 319.15km from Pretoria to Nelspruit, if you are travelling at a speed of 110km/p.
  1. How old is Nelspruit?
    The town is dated according to when the rail line from Lorenco Marques (Maputo) reached Nelspruit. It took roughly a year for the railway line to reach the town in 1892. This line went further on, connecting all of the small towns between Maputo and Pretoria, breathing new life into the area. So you can say that Nelspruit is well over 100 years old.
  2. How big is Nelspruit?
    We refer to Nelspruit as a city, but when you can get to practically any area of the city within 15 minutes driving, it’s hardly right to call it a city. That being said, Nelspruit is about 72,63 square kilometres and each year that area grows.
  3. Does Nelspruit have an airport?
    Nelspruit has two airports although the smaller one, the Nelspruit Airport, which once served as the only airport, is now used by hobby pilots and stores smaller aircrafts. The Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport, which is a 30 minute drive from the town was opened a few years ago. Flights to cities all throughout the country can be embarked on from this airport, while it also offers international flights to nearby countries.

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