Snakes have gotten a somewhat bad reputation for being all dangerous, deadly and downright terrifying. Unfortunately, this causes many people to develop a fear for these reptiles and antagonizing any snake they come across. There are however, many snakes that are quite harmless and are non-venomous and do not provide any threat to anyone when bitten. Many snakes are actually quite passive and avoid any conflict with people, only resulting to biting when there is no other option.

Here are however some snakes that are harmless and snakes whose bites do not cause any necessary medical attention.

Brown House Snake

Surely the most common snake that can be found in urban areas. The brown house snake is very popular with pet owners who are thinking of taking on a snake. They are primarily a light brown red colour with faint dark brown markings along its body. When bitten by a House snake, you will only feel the pain of the bite and that’s about it. Those who are more susceptible to allergies may feel a slight reaction but nothing more.

Olive Grass Snake

The Olive Grass Snake is a solitary snake that is mildly venomous but do not require any medical attention. The Olive Grass Snake is a dark brown snake that has two pale yellow lines stretching from its head to its tail. They have a darker diamond pattern under the yellow stripes with a white underside. These are usually the snakes that are seen killed on roads as they frequently cross to get to the other side.

Karoo Sand Snake

The Karoo Sand Snake is a light brown, sandy coloured snake with darker brown top and much paler sides. These snakes are also venomous but their bites do not require any medical attention if the case arises. The Karoo Sand Snake is a very active snake that is active during the hottest parts of the day, chasing down its prey. These snakes are somewhat aggressive and will not hesitate to bite when

Rhombic Egg Eater

The Rhombic Egg Eater is a roughly scaled snake that has a similar appearance to a Puff adder with a few noticeable differences. The Rhombic Egg Eater is a dusty brown snake with dark diamond shaped patterns and stripes along its back. It has grey brown underside and a round, stumpy head. This snake is non venomous  and mainly avoids interacting with people. They are relatively active during birding season and can go months without feeding.

Mole Snake

The Mole Snake is a rather beautiful snake that has a caramel colour that has brown and white bars along its back. Its underside is a pale caramel colour and has brown red eyes as an adult and goes completely brown when an adult. These snakes are non-venomous as they are constrictors that will not hesitate to bite when handles.

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