How to plan the perfect Nelspruit business trip

At Nelspruit Lodge, we cater to the business community throughout the year. Not only do we have fantastic accommodation as well as various facilities that many travelling business people find incredibly useful, but we are also situated in one of the best areas of Nelspruit, close to busy business hubs and the CBD.

With January well underway and new business year now in full swing, those who live on the road are likely to be planning their trips and deciding on how best to navigate 2021. We don’t need to tell you that 2020 has been one strange year and that none of the plans we set out for the previous year were achieved in the way that we expected them to.

For this reason, even with all that is already happening in this first month of the year, we are all raring to get going and to make up for the time lost and that means planning the perfect business trip.

Planning is key when you are setting out on a business trip. To skip this part can mean forgetting something that could very well change the outcome of your journey.

An effective business trip needs to follow 6 very simple steps:

  1. Make all of your travel arrangements weeks before you leave
    Whether you plan your own trips or leave it to a travel manager, you need to be certain that all of your travel planning is done well in advance. Leaving the lodge bookings too late could result in you not getting a room at all, and as such having to rely on inferior accommodation that is way out of the way of where you need to be. You can book Nelspruit accommodation on our website.
  1. Choose accommodation based on price and convenience
    You don’t want to over extend your budget by booking a really expensive place or by inconveniencing yourself by opting for accommodation that is so far from where you need to be that you end up spending your whole budget on transport. Nelspruit Lodge is both affordable and centrally located so that you are close enough to where you need to be.
  1. Create a full itinerary, leave nothing out
    Having a well-planned itinerary will ensure that you are in control of every moment of your trip and that you end up making the most of every minute.
  1. Research your destination. When coming to Nelspruit, you will find loads of helpful information on our blog.
    Nelspruit, being rather small, is really easy to navigate and you will find that there are plenty of places to enjoy a meal or a night out. When researching the town, be sure to know where you can find great restaurants, medical facilities and shops.
  1. Pack your electronics including chargers and accessories
    Laptops and smartphones are without a doubt the most important electronics you can take with you. Make sure that you pack them along with the chargers so that you stay connected.
  1. Fully prepare for your meeting
    Know why you have come to town for the meeting. Being prepared for your meeting will take the heat off and it will help to guarantee that your time in the town is well spent and as productive as possible. Bring along any information you might need as well as any papers or documents that you you’d like to share with those you are meeting.
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