January in Nelspruit

2020 saw many changes to the way that we live and navigate our way through life, and yet in many ways life in Nelspruit is much the same as it has always been. Life in the Slowveld goes on and apart from the usual COVID restrictions and hand sanitisers on every corner, it is business as usual.

January in Nelspruit is considered the hottest month of the year. The day temperatures are soaring, and the humidity is high, bringing in the annual rainfall that this region so desperately needs. The days are longer than usual, with the sun rising before 5am and setting well after 7pm, giving Lowvelders and those visiting the opportunity to make the most of the great outdoors.

January is also a fantastic time of year to travel to the Lowveld for a holiday. With the 2020 festive season over and most of the holiday makers having gone back home, the attractions in the area are blissfully quiet. This makes January a great time of year to visit and if you have not yet had a break after the tough previous year, now is a good time to treat yourself.

Things to do in January

We don’t need to tell you that the country is back in a Level 3 lockdown which makes travelling a little more complicated than usual, but if you are able to leave home and travel to the Lowveld for a break, here are some of the things you should do.


Given the fact that the last year has all but destroyed the South African tourism sector, if you are in a position to travel to the area and embark on a Kruger Park safari or a safari at any one of the smaller, private reserves, now is the time. Not only are the usually busy parks now all but empty again, but now is also a good time to take advantage of the good prices. There are many great discounts currently running and regardless of whether you are going to have a self-drive safari or if you are keen on trying out a guided safari, you should now do it.

Going on safari will also be a great help to the struggling local market.

Historical Tours

The Lowveld is full of numerous historical towns many of which have been empty for most of 2020. If you are a keen historical buff, January is the perfect time to visit these small towns and to learn about what has made them so famous. The weather is also just perfect for a visit, as everything is green and glowing.

Do business

If you are on town on business, now is the best time to make new connections. The clean new start along with the fact that many businesses are getting back on their feet again and possibly looking to make new contacts, makes January a good time for business.

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