Mpumalanga is known for many things, from amazing tourist attractions like God’s Window, Kaapchehoop, Sabie and Chip Eden to natural sights like Mac Mac Falls, Lisabon falls and the Bourke’s Luck Potholes. The Lowveld has also got plenty of beautiful trees and plants. The plants in the Lowveld are stunning and very colourful, decorating the landscape with stunning colours. Lets talk about some of the beautiful flowers that can be found decorating the Lowveld with their stunning colours

The Flame Lily

The Flame Lily is a very unique and stunning flower that is classified as a climbing herb. The Flame lily has very glossy leaves that also curl around at the tip. The Flame Lily supports its growth by climbing up hedges and fences. The Flame lily has beautifully coloured petals that represent flames, with colours like red, yellow and orange. Flame lilies can be seen growing in dry areas and sprawls across rocks, bushes and thickets. The Flame Lily is the National Flower of Zimbabwe. The Flame Lily, with its upwards growing leaves and the flame colours makes it look like a flame, which is also how the flower got its name.

River Crinum

The River Crinum is a strange flower that grows from a long dark green and robust tree like stem. The flowers erupt from the top of this robust stem like water spraying from a fountain. The Flowers of the River Crinum are bell shaped and droop down from the large stem. The colour of the flower petals are a snowy white or a pale pink, with tiny brown stems protruding from the middle of each flower. When budding, the flower buds are a beautiful pink. The River Crinum is a very common flower that grows in a variety of different environments. The River Crinum is also used in the medical industry but care must be taken as the plat may contain toxins.

Wild Hibiscus

The Wild Hibiscus is one of the most common and popular flowers in South Africa. The Wild Hibiscus is one of many yellow, five petal plants I the large hibiscus family. Wild Hibiscuses grow in large treelike bushes with leaves that are covered in fine, star shaped hairs. The Colour of the Wild Hibiscus is a beautiful yellow on the rim of the leaves and a stunning pink in the middle.

Water Hyacinth

The Water Hyacinth is a beautiful and fleshy plant that lives and grows on the surface of water and near water sources. It is a highly invasive alien species with origins in South America. The Water Hyacinth is a beautiful bright purple flower that grows from very fleshy stems. This plant one of the most devastating invasive plants in the country and is known to completely absorb nutrience from water sources and other organisms as well as suffocating water waterways. All attempts to eradicate these persistent plants have brought very little rewards. These plants can often be seen in large patches on the surface of the water.

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