Nelspruit is located in a beautiful area of the Lowveld. The Area surrounding Nelspruit, and the roads to Nelspruit, are some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in South Africa. There are beautiful forests, views, valleys and mountains with so many animals and beautiful plantlife. Because there are so many beautiful natural places to visit in the lowveld, It is a great idea to talk about some of the great and memorable hiking trails you can visit so you can experience nature uninterrupted and untouched.


The Beestekraalspruit Hiking Trail is a beautiful trail that takes you through plantations right at the start. You travel through the plantation and through the indigenous forests until you reach the the edge of the Beestekraalspruit cliff. From the cliff, you travel down the cliff and criss cross through the spruit crossing multiple bridges that that span over tiny rivers and small gaps. The bridges make up about 4km of the total trail length. After crossing the Stream you will slowly start making your way back to the start of the trail. There are plenty of beautiful sights from the green valleys to the amazing views from the top of the trail.

Berlin Trail

One of the most beautiful trails in the Loweveld, The Berlin trail is located near Kaapschehoop. Kaapschehoop is already a beautiful place with stunning views. The trail is a rather long one that takes you up the mountain, weaving through the plantation to a breath taking sight. The top of the trail gives you an unbelievable view of the Lowveld down below. The top of the trail is very high up and has a sheer drop, but what you see from the top is something you will not easily forget. The Trail is a rather tough trail but the payoff is more than worth it.

Zongororo Trail

The Zongororo trail is a beautiful trail that is located about 5km from Waterval-Boven. The trail is a rather short trail that is only 7km in length. Though the trail is so short, you have plenty of beautiful things to see. You will make your way through the mountains and through plains where you have amazing views of the Elands Valley. You will be crossing perennial streams while traveling the trail and up through the indigenous mountains. The trail is a rather tricky trail but there are plenty of worthwhile and memorable sights

Houtbosloop Trail

The Houtbosloop Trail is a wonderful two day trail that takes you through stunning foothills and through plateaus. There are plenty of streams before reaching your overnight stay at Lisabon. The Second day of this amazing trail will take you through the Houtbosloop Valley. As you make your way through the tour, you will be surrounded by indigenous forests. Passing through the forests you will make your way to the Sour Bushveld and the very rare Northern-Eastern Mountain Sourveld. There are plenty of amazing sights to behold while travelling on this amazing route.

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