Find yourself staying in Nelspruit this Christmas? There are many ways to prepare for the holidays and even if you are away from home, there is nothing to stop you from tucking into a delicious meal or going out shopping.

Although the Christmas decorations are very much winter themed, wherever you are in South Africa, the temperatures around Christmas time generally soar. So the whole idea of sitting down to a rich, hot meal is the last thing that anyone wants to do. One advantage that we have though, is that during this most wonderful time of the year, is that it is the perfect time to get outdoors and end the year with your feet up.

Let’s dive into the Christmas guide for those staying in Nelspruit for Christmas 2019


The town’s many shops, especially those in the malls, generally extend their shopping hours in the run up to Christmas. The longer you leave your shopping, the more crowds you’ll have to face, so getting all your shopping wrapped up as soon as possible is best. You don’t want to taint the holidays with stress, so the earlier you head out the better. To completely remove the possibility of getting stuck in crowds, shop online. if you choose to do this, you’ll have to make sure that you order your items as soon as possible or they won’t be delivered on time.

Homemade and eco-gifts are tremendously popular right now, and the trend is fueled by the fact that Pinterest is filled with great ideas. If you want to really cut back the amount of money you spend, create a budget that everyone in the family must follow and then make your gifts. Remember, regardless of what the media says, it really is the thought that counts.

Christmas Lunch

Most Nelspruiters will settle down for a family lunch on Christmas Day. Traditional Fruit Cakes are always a popular hit as is the turkey or roasted chicken. But modern trends are also leaning towards seafood, and simple, cold foods. Delicious gammon, fillets and light snacks are very in right now and when paired with roast potatoes, seasonal veggies and all kinds of salads, everyone will have their fill.

Make sure that you add a few bottles of your favourite chilled wine to the table, and a bowl of ice cream or peppermint crisp tart for desert is always a winner.

Not keen on cooking? There are plenty of places serving up a delectable lunch. Sophie’s Bistro, Magnolia in White River, Bosvark Pub and Grill, La Villa Vita, Tindlovu at the Gardens, and Old Joe’s Kaia are all open on Christmas Day. If you plan on eating out, it would be best to book ahead.

Boxing Day/Family Day

It doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s another day of rest after the long year and the festivities. You could be super lazy and snooze the day away, or you could take advantage of this time by getting a little outdoorsy. Time in the Botanical Gardens or hiking through the misty forests of Kaapsehoop are both good for the soul!

Make sure that you book your Nelspruit accommodation with us today in time for Christmas and enjoy a relaxed day in our small town.

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