All Lowvelder’s are spoilt by the weather.  Although the summers can get swelteringly hot, the winters are mild and whether its summer or winter, it is always picnic weather in our part of the world.

Best Place for a Picnic

A favourite picnic spot for locals has got to be the Lowveld Botanical Gardens.  The Crocodile River is at the entrance to the gardens bringing an air of coolness with it.  The eastern bank of the Crocodile River is home to a tropical rainforest.  The gardens are always well maintained and alive with over 600 indigenous trees.  The Lowveld Botanical Gardens also have cycads and a wide variety of shrubs and plants.  And nestled amongst the vegetation are some of the most tranquil picnic spots.

Just outside of Sabie is a well-known landmark; the Lone Creek.  An easy 200 meter walk from the parking area is a waterfall that will truly take your breath away.  The waterfall is 68 meters high and falls in into a tranquil pool at the bottom.   After viewing these spectacular falls there is a beautiful picnic spot. The falls have been declared a National Monument.

For the more adventurous, there is the option of spending a day at the Mafunyane Riverside Water Park.  Here the outdoor enthusiast will have 7 water attractions to experience. The names Cheetah Callenge, Leaping Leopard and Boomslang Bungee are bound to bring out the child in most adults.  Here are super slides and sparkling pools to satisfy adults and children.  Be sure to bring your picnic basket to enjoy on the lawns, as all that swimming will leave you hungry.

If nature’s peace and quiet is more your thing, the Steiltes Nature Reserve is the place for you.  Found in town in the suburb of Steiltes, this gem is an undisturbed piece of nature not to be missed. At the centre of this reserve is a massive granite dome.  Here the rocky terrain is a haven for all kinds of wildlife, including the klipspringer.  On the rocky outcrops, you will see Rock Figs, Stumvrug and a wide variety of aloes.  Running through the middle of the reserve is a stream.  The stream is lined with gigantic Matumi and Waterberry trees that make it a perfect hunting ground for the Crowned Eagle.  For the avid birder, there are a wide variety of birds that nest in the reserve.  And adding to the beauty are numerous butterflies.  Other trees to be seen are the Kiaat, Silver Cluster Leaf and Marula. A picnic can be enjoyed in the open grassy areas.  Baboons can be heard and care should be taken in summer as snakes live in the reserve.

The Horse Shoe Falls are located on the Sabie Rivers.  After taking a short walk that is alive with birds and small wildlife you will find this unique cascade.  When you see the falls you will know why it was called the “Horseshoe” falls.  This exquisite waterfall is in the shape of a horseshoe.  These falls are not that high, but their circular appearance makes them quite unusual.  The Horseshoe Falls have been declared a national monument.  Not to be missed at the falls is the trout fishing.  While enjoying the tranquil beauty of the area, you can have a picnic and also a swim in the refreshing pools.

When staying at our Nelspruit accommodation, don’t miss out on the opportunity to spend some time enjoying a picnic.

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