While most of the world remains in lockdown and travel is the furthest thing from everyone’s mind, the future seems a little bit uncertain. What is certain however, is that when the storm passes, businesses will open up and we will begin to travel again.

If you’re sitting at home consuming news, and feeling a certain amount of anxiety about the future, why not refocus your energy on something more positive? Like day dreaming about your post COVID-19 holiday.

The tourism industry is without a doubt one of many industries currently taking a huge, possibly long lasting knock from the impact of both the virus and the lockdown, but once the world returns to a new sort of normal, there will never be a better time to see your own country.

South Africa is a beautiful country and is home to all sorts of magnificent attractions that are waiting to be explored. And since money is possibly going to be tight after this virus and this lockdown, not only will we be unlikely to travel abroad (for financial and health reasons), but we should be focusing on putting money back into your economy and supporting local business.

A Proudly South African Bucket List

Local is lekker. Not one South African can deny that. When planning your holiday, you don’t have to go far to have a genuine, relaxing experience. Many of the best destinations are right on your doorstep, all you need to know is where to look.

Go on safari

After so much time being indoors, something that you might argue is so not like us South Africans, one of the first trips that you should plan is a safari. Did you know that we have some of the most magical safari destinations on the planet? And if you plan on travelling to the Lowveld, one destination you need to stop at is of course, the Kruger National Park.

Hike the Drakensberg

There is nothing quite as invigorating as brisk walk through the mountains and there is no range quite as magnificent as the Drakensberg. There are a variety of places you can depart from for a hike in the mountains and numerous places to stay while you are visiting.

Tour Wild Coast

One of the last, hidden treasures in many ways, the Wild Coast, which stretches along South Africa’s Eastern Cape coastline is filled with unbelievable places to explore. While in the area, if you travel just a bit further south, you’ll find the Tsitsikamma National Park, which encompasses mountains, rivers, forests and beaches. It is so easy to fall in love with the Wild Coast and if you haven’t been there before, add it to your list.


A quaint village perched on the edge of the escarpment in the Limpopo Province, Haenertsburg is an adventure filled, picturesque escape from the world. With forests and mountains, and so much to keep you occupied, including tours of the forest canopy and all sorts of hiking adventures, this is the perfect destination for South Africans.

If your bucket list brings you close to Nelspruit, let Nelspruit Lodge be your host. We have a selection of beautiful rooms and a vibrantly friendly staff waiting to ensure that you make the most of your next holiday.

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