Living in the moment, being content with life, mediating daily, being aware of how you feel and what you are doing with your time, being fully attentive. This is what it means to be mindful and while it might seem like just another passing internet trend, it is capturing the attention of many South Africans looking for a more meaningful life experience.

Being fully attentive and aware is one way to not only consciously live life to the fullest but it also helps to control stress, emotions and how we react to certain situations. It also helps to completely focus when we need to. The moment the mind starts to drift, the practice of mindfulness can bring us right back again.

What does this have to do with Nelspruit Lodge?

As Nelspruit’s foremost lodge, we try to create an oasis of peace and calm for all of our guests. From taking a walk around the gardens to enjoying the bliss of staying in one of our stylish and fully kitted out rooms, there are ways that you can be mindful when staying in Nelspruit.

We are also situated close to a few places where the people of Nelspruit are embracing this popular practice, so if you are from out of town and wish to recharge, you can quickly find your tribe.

  • Yoga in the Gardens
    The second Saturday of every month sees yoga enthusiasts come together for a free session in the Lowveld Botanical Gardens. Yoga and mindfulness go hand in hand, as both practices focus a lot on being aware of the body and mind.The session in the garden incorporates basic yoga and ancient breathing techniques known to sooth the mind and calm the body. If you are in town during this time of the month, or if you are a local looking for something new, this is the perfect excuse to get outdoors and stretch your soul.
  • Secret Sunrise
    Another fantastic way to come back to yourself is to dance it out as the sun rises. Secret Sunrise is by no means a South African thing, but we have sure fallen in love with the concept and become huge fans. Secret Sunrise is all about wellness and the group is on a global mission to connect people through music and movement.Participants each wear headphones and are guided through the session by a facilitator. The songs played are perfect for practicing and enhancing mindfulness, medication, and breath work, while these is also an element of insatiable playfulness that well leave you enlivened for days afterwards.Secret Sunrise Lowveld takes place once a month and to find the exact dates follow this link.

    Mindfulness is an evidence-based activity and it has been proven to have positive effects on health, happiness, relationships and careers. It is also the one practice that can spark creativity and unleash your inner self.


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