Summer is in full swing in the city, and with the humid days and the occasional refreshing downpours comes the plague of mosquitoes that every Nelspruiter simply cannot stand. It is not just that as you’re trying to get to sleep a mosquito will play the song of their people in your ears and instantly have you alert; mosquitoes can be a health hazard.

Everyone knows that Malaria is quite a common illness and that it is not unusual for those living in Nelspruit to get infected. Passed on by the mosquito, Malaria is easily prevented and easily treated, but it is still deadly if it is left untreated. This means, prevention is without a doubt better than cure and in this quick guide, we’ll be sharing few tips on how to stay safe this summer while staying at our Nelspruit accommodation.

  1. Determine how at risk you are
    Even though Nelspruit is in a malaria area, it is by no means the most at risk area. A visit to places further north and to the east are far more likely to result in a malaria infection if you are not too careful. Start your prevention by knowing how at risk you are.
  2. Stick behind a screen at night
    While mosquitoes are not uncommon during the day, they are far more likely to become bothersome at night. This naturally means you are far more likely to become infected with Malaria at night. To stay safe, make sure that you stay behind a screen at night. This means if you are at an outdoor venue, find a place where there is some sort of cover. Our accommodation in Nelspruit has enough screening to keep the mosquitoes away.
  3. Use a repellent
    Mosquito repellent can be bought in just about all of the local shops and is best applied on the skin in the evenings and in the night. Keep it close, as it can be reapplied whenever necessary.
  4. If you can, wear long sleeves
    In the heat of the Lowveld, where the heat hangs around well into the night, it is quite impossible to wear long sleeves but they are one of the best ways to prevent mosquitoes from taking a bite. Wearing long pants as well as socks will also go a long way towards preventing Malaria infection.
  5. Sleep under a net
    A common feature in most Nelspruit accommodation is the “mosquito net” a cover which goes over the bed and prevents mosquitoes from getting close enough to bite you. Nets can be sprayed with a repellent for extra prevention.

If you are headed to an area that will place you at high risk of infection, it might be best to consult with your doctor and get preventative medication. Symptoms can take up to three weeks to present themselves, so if you think you might be infected it is best to go to your doctor to get tested.

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