If mountain biking is your kind of hobby, then Sabie has got to be one of the most exciting places to do it. The area is ideal for both novice and experienced mountain bikers and the self-guided trails are well marked, safe and amongst some of the most breath-taking, in terms of the scenery. During the wet season, it is advisable to not use slick or semi-slick tyres as these routes and trails can get very slippery and muddy. It is also advisable to take along your pump and spare tubes. This area can get humid in the summer months so be sure to take along enough water and a snack for the road. All of these routes start and end at the Sabie Municipal Caravan Park and it is essential that you obtain a permit before embarking as you will be going through a private forest.

The trails are as follows:

Yellow Route

This is a 6 km route that is fairly easy and should take you less than an hour. You start by following a jeep track that runs parallel to the Sabie River and then turn right at the foot of the densely overgrown and moist cliffs of Castle Rock. The trail takes you over slippery loose slate and rocks, a dense bush tunnel and then back onto the jeep trail that will bring you back to the finish. This trail can be done at night too.

Green Route

This route is 15 km long and an intermediate ride that can take up to 2 hours. On this route, you will find yourself going from a single track to a jeep track, over a wooden bridge then up some steep inclines till you reach an altitude of 1.250 meters. Once at the top it’s a winding series of single tracks that loop you all the way back to base.

Blue Route

This is an intermediate route that can take up to 3 hours and is 25 km long. The start is 8 km of flat riding that will take you over a wooden bridge as you head towards Lone Creek Falls. From there you will climb for about 1 km followed by 9 km of jeep track that leads to Bridal Veil Falls. From there you will be on forestry roads till you get back to the starting point.

Black Route

This route is most definitely only for experienced riders. It is a difficult 13 km ride that starts with a single track along the Sabie River. From then on it is 4 km of uphill riding on a jeep track that becomes a single track of slithery loops. A final one km push ends with a drop-off. This track runs behind a shooting range so if the roads are barred, please don’t use the track.

Red Route

This difficult trail is 30 km and requires some skills. You start out along the banks of the Sabie River and then pass through the Pine Plantations before coming to Oelof’s Dam. Then it is onto an undulating gravel road to Bridal Veil Falls. The next 4 km is an off-road climb up to the Ceylon and Tweefontein boundaries. From here the view of the Sabie Valley is simply amazing. The way down is a technical single track of about 10 km.

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