With the world in a bit of an upheaval, there has never been a better time to support your local community.

There are so many local producers, local manufacturers and local crafters operating in the Nelspruit area, that if you plan correctly, you could do your monthly shopping completely locally.

In this blog, we are going to highlight some of the local producers operating in the area and what you can buy from them. Some supply those everyday items you need while others provide something a little more interesting.


Food and drink are two things that those living in the Lowveld know how to do well. Many local producers supply some of the freshest fruits and vegetables, while our local culinary masters turn these raw products into scrumptious meals.

Two popular local businesses who do both, are Halls Food Stall and Joubert en Seuns Padstall. The Halls Stall is located on the N4, just on the outskirts of Nelspruit and their bakery and locally made jams and preserves are truly legendary. Those passing through can grab a snack on the way home, or stock up on loads of delicious fresh and dried fruits.

Joubert en Seuns Padstall is a relatively new attraction in town, having only recently moved their shop into the city. Not only is this the best place to buy fresh produce, but they also support other local home grown businesses by selling their baked goods, honey, preserves and jams.

Another local foodie who has become quite popular for catering everything from weddings, to conferences, to private parties, is the Steam Street Café. Brad is a culinary genius and his creations have been raved about by his growing fan base.

Skin Care

It might not be something that you think you could be buying locally, but in the Lowveld we have a skin care brand that has a reputation for creating organic, locally manufactured products that range from face creams to oils, soaps and so much more.

If you want to support Nelspruit based businesses after lockdown, Crafted Cosmetics is one to definitely look at. Their products can be bought online or at any one of the local markets hosted throughout the month.

The Lowveld Soap Company is another local manufacturer to have a look at. They are well-known for supplying the hospitality industry with their soaps.

Lowveld Markets

In general, there are a variety of small businesses who choose to sell their items via the many markets that take place throughout the month. There are amazing things to buy, and they vary from jams and preserves to knitted children’s toys, jewellery and second hand books.

Instead of only going out to the malls, you should consider also looking at how you can give your support to the smaller businesses operating throughout the area. You never know what brand you could fall in love with.


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