In autumn you will find the Lowveld in bloom with colour.  The many beautiful flowers will make your visit to this area abuzz with colour, and when staying at Nelspruit Lodge, you can spend your days in the gardens, enjoying the warm autumn air.

Our Nelspruit accommodation boasts a variety of beautiful flowers and when travelling around town, you can see these flowers and so many more.

  • Kudu Lily
    This succulent shrub will delight in autumn with its stunning white flowers that appear between the lush green leaves among the spines on the branches.    Apart from its sheer beauty, this flower is toxic to humans and livestock.  The Kudu Lily is a very slow growing plant and does not adapt readily to new environments making it almost extinct in certain areas.
  • Wild Dagga (Lion’s Tail)
    Wild Dagga flowers in Autumn and is a true delight as the sunbirds love their nectar.  The shrub itself is sparse with 4 angled stems.  The leaves of this shrub are hairy and grow in pairs.  The flowers, however, are dense and about the size of a golf ball consisting of the tube-like orange flowers.  Although the leaves of the Wild Dagga are smoked, they are not a substitute for Dagga.  The plant is said to have medicinal qualities and traditionally used as a cure for pain, colds or flu.  Certain properties of the plant are said to aid with Type 2 Diabetes, epilepsy or constipation.
  • Bougainvillaea
    These bushes of colour can be found in just about every garden in the Lowveld.  When in bloom this is a truly spectacular spray of flowers.  Bougainvillaea comes in a variety of colours, Pink, White, Magenta, Red, Orange or Yellow.  These bushes need little water once established and fairly easy to grow.  Many people bonsai them from tip cuttings.
  • Pride of De Kaap
    The main flowering time of the Pride of De Kaap is March and April when they come alive with a flower that ranges in colour from salmon to orange and yellow to white.  The petals are oar-shaped and a length of 4cm.  When looking at the name you would think it belongs in the Cape but in actual fact, the name comes from the De Kaap Valley in the Barberton area of Mpumalanga.  These plants enjoy the bushveld climate.
  • Red Hot Poker
    Red hot pokers can be seen in bloom late summer to autumn.  These flowers have stems of up to 1.5 meters in height before the slender tube-like flower.  The flower heads start off a dull red but change in colour to yellow or green-yellow when they open.
  • Chrysanthemum
    Chrysanthemum’s bloom in autumn and are one of the prettiest variety of autumn flowers in the Lowveld.  A single bush can have multiple flower heads and they come in a variety of colours.  These flowers like the sun and require about six hours of sun each day.  Once established in your garden these plants are hardy.  Remember to cut the dead flowers off and you will be rewarded with double the amount of flowers when it flowers again.

Nelspruit Lodge is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of town, and our gardens are filled with all kinds of plants. Book your Nelspruit accommodation today.

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