Over the years, self-catering accommodation has soared in popularity as more and more people look for affordable, comfortable accommodation that suits their specific holidaying or business get away requirements.

Nelspruit Lodge offers some of the most spacious and stylish self-catered accommodation in Nelspruit and we are centrally located which makes us the ideal option for anyone visiting town. Our lodge is close to shops, hospitals and countless exciting attractions, which you can find out more about when you view our blog.

Each of our rooms has all of the basic amenities as well as loads of space in which to make yourself comfortable. But our self-catering rooms are particularly suitable for travellers on the move.

Our self-catering units recently underwent a renovation and the new look rooms are ultra-modern and include things like a spa bath, a walk in shower, Wi-Fi, double beds, and a full kitchenette for guests to prepare their own meals.

Our self-catered rooms are not the only types of accommodation that we have available. We also have a variety of luxury rooms which are perfect for guests who are looking for a little more comfort and who don’t want to cater for themselves but want to instead dine in our restaurant, where our chef is in charge of a flavourful menu.

The Benefits of Self-Catering Accommodation in Nelspruit

Self-catering comes with quite a few amazing benefits and when compared to other styles, is preferred by most. Here are just a few of the benefits to enjoy when you stay at our self-catering in Nelspruit.

  • Cook your own meals
    And eat them on your own time. When you stay in other types of accommodation, you are generally constrained to certain times when the restaurant prepares meals. This won’t happen when you can cook your own meals and eat when you are hungry, rather than when the lodge restaurant is open.
  • Affordable
    Sometimes the deciding factor when it comes to the type of accommodation you select, is the price. And this is even truer when your travels are being planned according to a tight budget. Self-catered accommodation is generally far more affordable than other styles of accommodation, so you will most certainly be saving money while not compromising on your comfort.
  • Flexibility
    With a lot of self-catered accommodation out there, you will be able to come and leave as you please without always having to inform the lodge. This means you will have more freedom during your stay, and if you also avoid a pre-packaged trip, you can choose to fill your day as you please.

Nelspruit Lodge is committed to your health

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nelspruit Lodge is committed to ensuring the health of our guests is never compromised due to a lack of sanitisation. We have always been dedicated to making sure that our lodge is clean and hygienic, and with the pandemic, we have upped our game by making use of the latest and best products.

You can enjoy a memorable stay in our self-catering in Nelspruit when you book one of our units. Contact us for more information.

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