At Nelspruit Lodge, we love welcoming guests from all over the country to enjoy our Nelspruit accommodation and explore our little town. Like many of the other towns in the area, Nelspruit is rather budget friendly for the average traveller, and when paired with the exceptional sights to be seen and all of the incredible places to eat, coming here for a holiday will make for a truly unforgettable experience!

As South Africans, despite all of the problems our country faces on a daily basis, we are actually blessed beyond belief when it comes to the beauty of our nation. We don’t have to travel too far to become tourists in stunning places, and if you plan your trips just right, your holiday will be a whole lot cheaper than if you were to travel overseas.

The budget friendly towns of South Africa are found all over the country, in every province. This makes it so easy to plan a trip to the place that you really want to go, rather than have to just accept because it’s affordable.

The 5 Budget Friendly South African Towns

  1. Nelspruit

For years Nelspruit was labelled as expensive, and while it might be for locals who are looking to buy houses, for those who are travelling (especially from the City where salaries are often a lot higher), the town is actually quite affordable and it includes plenty of fantastic accommodation options which range from light to luxurious. There are also a number of great places where you can tuck into local food.

  1. Hartbeespoort

For those who live in Gauteng, Hartbeespoort is a great weekend getaway and it is a destination that is really easy on the budget. Just north of Joburg, Hartbeespoort has everything you could want from a holiday place, including exceptional accommodation and plenty of fun things to get up to. And if you are looking for a family place, this is certainly it.

  1. Kaapsehoop

The mountain village of Kaapsehoop is as enchanting as it is magical. All throughout the year, the weather is misty and wonderful, and seeing as the small village is quite disconnected from the rest of the world, it can feel as though you are taking a step away from the rush of modern living. The village is quite literally in the mountains, sitting at over 1000 meters above sea level and it is home to plenty of things to do and great accommodation.

  1. The Midlands Meander

Kwa-Zulu Natal’s Midlands are renowned for their beauty and their tranquillity. There are plenty of small towns to explore in the area just north of Pietermaritzburg and loads of exceptionally beautiful, homely places to stay. One of the best times to visit is during the autumn months, when the tree start to put on a show.

  1. Bonnievale – Route 62

In what is known as The Valley of Cheese and Wine, Bonnievale is situated in the Western Cape and a great place to visit if you want to escape from the world for a while. Some of the main attractions of the area include old world farms, vineyards, fruit trees, and some of the most enchanting landscapes you’ve ever seen. 

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