Nothing to do on Sunday while staying in Nelspruit? Bring along your passport and nip across the border to the Sunday Fish Market in Maputo.  The scenic drive there alone is well worth the experience, and with Nelspruit Lodge being nearby, you can easily make a day of it!

Sunday in Mozambique is a day to relax and socialize and what better place to meet than at the Fish Market.

The old fish market was a rustic affair, with squid and prawns placed in a bucket of ice to keep fresh and fish placed on newspaper on old wooden tables, with vendors sprinkling their fish with water from plastic bottles with holes in the lids.  The new fish market is more upscale with vendors having a cement cubicle and table with running water.

The new Maputo Fish Market is based on the waterfront.  This seaside attraction is buzzing on Sundays with both locals and visitors.  Local vendors purchase their wares straight from the ocean directly from the fishermen.  There is a wide variety of fresh fish, lobsters, crabs, calamari and more, which is sold by the kilogram at very affordable prices.  Fish can be cleaned on request for an extra fee.  Along with the wide variety of fish, vendors also sell a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, all grown in Mozambique.

Lunch, Snacks and a Drink by the Ocean

After strolling through the market and purchasing your choice of lunch, you can find a place to sit opposite the market where there is the waterfront patio which has umbrella covered tables with seating.  For nominal fees, the restaurants on this patio will prepare your purchases to taste, be that your way or the traditional Mozambican way.  Although all seafood in Mozambique is delicious, the prawns are a definite must, served grilled or fried either with peri-peri or garlic.  Enjoy with rice or fries, and be sure to get some “Pao” bread rolls to soak up every last bit of sauce.

Snacks are a must, especially if you are feeling a bit peckish while waiting.  Well known in the area is Rissois de Camarao.  This is a crescent-shaped croquette which contains shrimp in either a spicy sauce or a peri-peri sauce.  These can be enjoyed hot or cold, but they are always delicious.

At the restaurants, you can select your choice of side dish to enjoy with your fish.  These restaurants offer a variety of salads, rice or fries.  Matapa is uniquely Mozambican dish that is made from stewed cassava leaves that are blended with ground peanuts, garlic and coconut milk.  Locals enjoy it as a side dish with fish and it’s well worth the try while there.

While waiting for your meal, you can enjoy a refreshing soda or alcoholic drink.  Tipo Tinto is their national rum, best tried with a mixer, the locals enjoy it with berry flavoured soda.  The beer of choice in Mozambique is Laurentina that was first brewed in 1932 and comes in three different flavours, Laurentina Clara, Laurentina Premium and Laurentina Preta.

Service is true “African” time, so sit back and relax with your drink, as the service is slow but the food is worth the wait.

Your stay at Nelspruit Lodge doesn’t have to be confined to Nelspruit, or even South Africa! Book your stay today and start exploring!

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