The Easter Weekend break is one that everyone looks forward to. 4 whole days to kick back and relax, spend time with family, and visit someplace new is generally high up on the agenda, and so when the time comes to do a little planning, with this weekend in mind, it helps to have a couple of tips and a little information to keep in mind.

Easter is the first real break of the year. The weather is simply perfect, with the days still warm but the evenings cool enough to gather around a fire, and with a little planning you can make the most of having to do absolutely nothing for a couple of days. April is also a wonderful time of the year to visit the Lowveld, as the seasons are just starting to slowly change and with that change comes some of the most spectacular scenery.

Picking the perfect place to have a holiday is an important part of the planning process. For starters, the destination you choose for your getaway is going to determine the kind of holiday you have, in that a quieter place will make your holiday a whole lot more relaxing while a busier destination is going to give you an exciting and action packed retreat.

Making the most of your Easter Weekend Break

When you are planning your holiday, make sure that you don’t pack the pressure onto yourself. This weekend is supposed to be a joyful one, not something that adds more stress. You will want your weekend to include a whole lot of fun and some interesting activities, so here’s what you should plan for.

  1. Make time for an Easter Egg hunt

Whether you have small children or not, Easter should include some eggs. If you are travelling as a group of adults or just as a couple, you should still bring along some chocolate treats and indulge yourself, while if you are travelling with your children, you should keep a lookout for places where you can take them for a real Easter Egg hunting experience.

  1. Prepare a big, celebratory Sunday Lunch

The Easter Long Weekend should be celebrated in style. And as such you should celebrate by cooking up a big Sunday lunch feast. Treat yourself and the family to the whole nine yards; meat, rice, potatoes and veg. You might not do this every weekend, but now you have the time to and so you should. If you can’t prepare such a meal, find a local restaurant that has such a meal on the menu.

  1. Plan a reasonable budget

Travelling these days is no affordable thing, mostly because life has just become so darn expensive. Make sure that you plan a reasonable budget and that you stick to it as much as you can. Travelling anywhere can cost a pretty penny, so if you have to scale back on your budget don’t be ashamed or feel that you are not going to have the best time.

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