A city close to the bush, with a fierce outdoor culture, Nelspruit can hardly be accused of being the kind of city with a highly sophisticated art life. People are not standing around in art galleries, dressed in their best, sipping on wine.

Our city is definitely more the kind of place where the nightlife consists of sitting around a fire, or tucking into a meal with friends at a local restaurant or pub. But while this is not a city of art fundi’s, there are still some opportunities to see local art when you are visiting. From pop up galleries to taking the short drive to the next town over, there are a couple of places where the local talent is put on full display and where you can add something to a collection of your own.

At Nelspruit Lodge, we are situated close to some of the most incredible and fun things to see and do in the city. Our Nelspruit accommodation is designed to be comfortable and each room has everything that you can expect to have when you are looking for a great place to have a holiday or if you are just in town for a business meeting. And while you are here, it is certainly a great idea to explore some of the culture as well as some of the stunning nature for which our town is so well known.

Art Galleries Worth Visiting

Mbombela Art Gallery

Situated in the quiet suburbs, although this is the official gallery of the city, it is also a place that very much flies under the radar. At Van Riebeek Park, which is home to the city’s public swimming pool and popular tennis courts, lies the Mbombela Art Gallery which is one of the best places to have a look at the local talent as well as talent from outside the area.

The Market @ Friend’s Café

As Nelspruit’s market scene grows in leaps and bounds, local artists are being drawn to the monthly event which happens on the last Sunday of every month. The great thing about the market is that it will give you a chance to get up close and personal with artist and have a chat about each piece that catches your eye. The local artists often featured at the market are so much more than canvas painters, some also paint clothing.

The White River Art Gallery

Just 25 minutes away, in the picturesque village up on the hill is the White River Art Gallery, one of the more popular places to view art. The gallery is an oasis for art lovers and it is situated in the idyllic Casterbridge centre, surrounded by green trees and a quiet atmosphere. The gallery sees quite a few exhibitions each year with artists from all over and it also plays host to a great number of events, which makes for a rather stylish night out.

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