When you are making your way to Nelspruit, and spending your time at our Nelspruit accommodation, there are plenty of places where you can have a sundowner after a long day. Whether you are in town exploring the area and its surrounds during a holiday or if you are in the area on business, indulging in a drink in the evening is one of the best ways to end your day.

Winter in Nelspruit is quite something. The days are not too cold and in the late evening, as the sun begins to set, the sight is something to behold. As a bushveld town, the sun has that same look that you have probably come to expect from an afternoon in the Kruger National Park. That glowing red ball of a sun seen setting through acacia trees and rocky hills is an iconic Lowveld scene and depending on where you are going to have your sundowner, a sight you can expect.

What is a sundowner?

The concept is pretty self-explanatory. A sundowner is the drink that you have as the sun begins to set. There is some history and tradition behind the concept, but for those who indulge in a sundowner these days, it is usually an act of relaxation. After a day of travelling around or attending meetings, having that delicious drink as you are unwinding is definitely something that everyone can enjoy.

When you are staying at our Nelspruit accommodation, there are a couple of places where you can have a sundowner.

  1. Little Loftus Pub and Grill

The vibe here is definitely very laid back, and as it is a bit out of town, the pub is never overcrowded. The pub offers an incredible view of the Rest, with its rolling hills and trees, and by the time the sun starts to set, the sky lights up orange and red, giving you a spectacular view, one that you will never forget.

  1. Kay’s Café

In Kaapsehoop, out of the village, out at the horse trails there is Kay’s Café, a small eatery that boasts one incredible view of the surrounding mountains, pine forests and horses. The café doesn’t stay open all that late, but by the time the sun starts to set, the café will still be open and that makes it perfect for having that evening drink.

  1. Upper Deck

This is one of Nelspruit’s most popular pubs and since the pub is up on the second story of a building, the view is something else. This pub is far more laid back than most of the other pubs in town and it has a selection of all the most popular drinks as well as a menu of all sorts of delicious pub foods.

When you are staying at Nelspruit Lodge, you can look forward to great accommodation in a setting close to some of the best things to do and places to see. And if you are looking for a place to have a warm winter sundowner, you will be spoiled for choice.

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